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Website revision update

December 19, 2010

So far I’ve revised over 600 series in the List of Anime Television Series. So far the revision just consists of getting the files out of their old frame environment. Unfortunately I will soon be interrupted by the need to create entries for new series when the winter Japanese television season begins in January. New series will be appearing in the new entry format that I’ll eventually be using for the entire List. I hope the transition doesn’t cause too many problems for users of this site.


Website revision

December 5, 2010

This weeks update to the website begins a major revision to my Animated Divots. After taking a look at how much less traffic I’m getting on my website compared to how much it used to get, I’ve decided that at least part of the problem is the difficulty that frames causse for web browsers. Between getting in the way of robots surveying of the site for web indexers and adding to the load time of the information pages for users, frames are not considered a good thing.

I like frames myself because it allows for putting links to other files on the same visible page with the information pages. The problems outweigh that benefit, unfortunately.

This week’s update begins the conversion of the List of Anime Television Series to a non-frames environment. Since I have so many pages to be converted and don’t have an automatic way of doing it this will take a while.

The first step of the project is to rename all of the information files to the frameset filenames so that I can continue using the current index files. At this point I anticipate this taking quite a bit of time. Eventually I will reformat the information files so they don’t take up the full screen and will include alphabetical links to a new set of index pages. As new series come out they will be in the form of the current information pages, but in the noframes form.

After the List has been converted I will then do the makeover for the Chronology. Only after the Chronology has been done will I go back and complete the conversion of the List. I don’t want to think about how long this will all take ….

Anyway, I hope that this project will make the website easier to use and more useful to my fellow animation fans.